The Salvi Arianna harp

The concert harp

The Arianna harp is a large concert harp. As such, it therefore has forty-seven strings, which places it among the instruments with the widest range, along with the piano or the organ. Each string can play three different notes (flat, natural and sharp) depending on the position of the corresponding pedal.

Salvi Arianna harp
Lady Salvi Arianna

The small logo above represents the mechanism responsible for pitch alteration.

Italian marquetry

The Arianna model is one of seven premium froms the Italian harp maker Salvi, an . It is characterized by an elegant marquetry design and inlays of rare woods such as rosewood, olive wood, maple and ebony. Its soundboard, made of red spruce from the Fiemme Valley, is adorned with gold and brown lacquer trim.

Undoubtedly, the artisans from the region of Piasco in the Italian Piedmont have been master cabinetmakers for centuries.


The instrument stands tall at one meter eighty-seven and weighs over forty kilograms.

Its unique construction is unparalleled in the world of harp making. It gives the harp what is known in acoustics as high impedance. In more accessible terms, this means that all of the string’s vibrational energy is directed towards the soundboard, without dissipating into other less resonant parts of the instrument. Its deep pianissimos are subtle and clear, while its triple forte are round and brilliant.

This harp is played by Céline Mata.

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